Growth opportunity

Significant boost to economy and regional development.


UPM has made an investment decision to construct a 2,1 million tonne greenfield eucalyptus pulp mill near Paso de los Toros in central Uruguay. Besides the mill, the total investment of USD 3 billion also includes a pulp terminal in the port of Montevideo as well as investments in local facilities in Paso de los Toros.


Latest developments

  • Temporary offices, accesses and fencing finalised at the mill construction site
  • Mill site preparation works as well as Camino del Tala road works are proceeding
  • Construction of temporary and permanent housing for the mill construction workers is ongoing in Paso de los Toros and nearby communities
  • Dredging and filling works for the pulp terminal in Montevideo port continue, and construction of the embankment started
  • By February already 1,000 people are working in these construction sites
  • ANDRITZ was selected as the main supplier of the pulp mill.

Significant boost to economy and regional development


World class pulp mill in central Uruguay